Friday, February 11, 2011

Memorial scholarship awarded; V&B - God's Wife; Eek! A Male!; Why Manners Matter and More

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The following have been posted today, Feb. 12, at County News Online:

From the Editor

We are a nation of excesses… excessive drinking, eating, junk foods… even dieting or exercise. All good, or okay, in moderation, but potentially harmful in excess. Following yesterday’s posts on Stranger Danger and That’s My Opinion, I received a Wall Street Journal article that I believe is a must read for everyone… Eek! A Male! It seems our paranoia knows no bounds. A HUGE thank you to Darrell and Debbie Biddlestone for their annual Memorial contribution to our kids!

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Biddlestone sets up annual “In Memoriam” Scholarship – Lead Story
Family Events - Why Manners Matter - Blogs
New York Times... German Börse in Talks to Buy the Big Board - News
Wall Street Journal... Eek! A Male! - Blogs
God’s Wife – Verities & Balderdash – By Bob Robinson


Maple Sugarin' at the Prairie, Annual Waffle Breakfast

More News

Dayton Business Journal... Dayton Chamber backs Kasich’s jobs plan
Dayton Business Journal... U.S. Postal Service faces default

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Akron Beacon Journal... Prescriptions for an epidemic
Townhall... I Hate to Burst Your Bubble; U.S. Government Is To Blame

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