Monday, February 14, 2011

ABC's of Medicare, Lifelong Learning for Everyone, OSU Extension, Waffles & Volunteer Opportunities

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The following have been posted today, Feb. 15, at County News Online:

From the Editor

Two great local pieces today… Amy Farmer, Heartland of Greenville, starts a series of monthly columns with an explanation of Medicare and how it works. Chris Mortensen, GHS Principal, writes about lifelong learning. One blog is a “must read” to believe… $191 fine for jaywalking? Seat belt violation costs $148? Only in California, and Gov. Jerry Brown doesn’t want the feds messing it up.

Home Page

The A-B-C’s of Medicare… a Starter’s Guide, By Amy Farmer – Lead Story
Learning for Life, By Chris Mortensen - Community
Politico... Hard choices: Obama’s 2012 budget - Blogs
Townhall... The Feds and California in Mortal Combat - Blogs
Townhall... Choice, Not Compromise – Blogs


Help someone learn to read and write English
Scouting this Growing Season… Diseases


Waffle Breakfast at Shawnee Prairie


Politico... Mitch McConnell: The Obama agenda is ‘over’

More Blogs

Townhall... True Believers, By Bill O’Reilly

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