Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Darke Knight is back, Level 3 Ice/Snow Emergency, Brown a Porker of the Month and a Must Read "Spilled Milk"

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I hope everyone is using common sense and staying home… if you can’t do that, then doing your best to stay safe? I posted this last night because I didn’t know if we would have power this morning… had a couple of flickers before I crashed. Still got lights this morning, so here’s the update for today. The Darke Knight (at least in my opinion) has once again said a mouthful… be sure to check it out. Spilled Milk is unbelievable… if we only knew everything Big Brother does that no one tells us about! Today's posts...

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The Darke Knight is Back… the Essence of Insanity – Lead Story
Darke County at Level 3 Ice/Snow Emergency
Unrest in Egypt fluctuates oil, gas prices - News
Ohio’s Sen. Sherrod Brown a Porker of the Month - News Spilled Milk - Blogs
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