Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interest high in Economic Development, Valentines for the Troops, the Tough Road ahead for Boehner & More

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The following have been posted today, Feb. 9, at County News Online:

From the Editor

Check out our lead story today… community interest increases in light of economic news. An editorial in The Hill provides tremendous insight into the challenges facing all representatives in our nation’s House. It’s long, but worth a read.

Home Page

Record Turnout for Partnering for Progress Quarterly Meeting – Lead Story
Thank you! Over 450 Valentines Sent to Troops - Community
Organic Gardening Workshop at Shawnee Prairie - Events
The end of the DLC era - News
Townhall... If We Want to Promote Freedom, How About Starting at Home? - Blogs

More News

Boehner: If Obama is committed to jobs, he should end “Stimulus” spending binge
Politico... House conservatives ready to cut

More Blogs

Redstate… How Obama Can Double His Budget Cuts By Doing His Job
The Hill... Now comes hard part for Boehner as run of Republican unity ends


Kasich’s Wall Street Experience

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