Thursday, February 3, 2011

He Has No Clue - That's My Opinion; Buchy's First Report; Family Health has new Exec Director & More

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The following have been posted today, Feb. 3, at County News Online:

From the Editor

I did some checking… the majority of people viewing CNO are doing so between 7 and 9 a.m. each day. Since the new page sometimes wasn’t posted until later, readers were actually getting the news a day late. Whenever possible, I’ll be posting the next day’s news after 10 p.m. the night before. I also made another change I hope you will appreciate. I’ve lost a story block by posting “Stories you may have missed”… I need the space. So, from now on you will get a link to the previous day’s Home Page. You can check it out anytime you wish.

Home Page

Working to Create Jobs in the 21st Century, by State Rep. Jim Buchy – Lead Story
Darke County at Level 2 Ice/Snow Emergency overnight night
Family Health Chooses Executive Director - News
Darke County’s February Calendar - Events
He Has No Clue – That’s My Opinion – By Bob Robinson
Redstate... Planned Parenthood Caught Aiding Sex Trafficking of Minors - Blogs

More Blogs

Townhall... I Can Balance the Budget
Politico… Mandate foes test GOP principles
Townhall... 5 Reasons Liberals Aren’t As Happy as Conservatives


Scouting this Growing Season: Insects – OSU Extension

More Events

Darke T.E.A. Patriots Planning Meeting

More News

Boehner praises Senate GOP for seeking to Repeal Health Care Law
Dayton Business Journal... Ohio’s Republican majority pushing agenda through
Sojourners... Daily Digest

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