Monday, February 21, 2011

Darke County History, Washington's Birthday, Quilt of Valor, Union Protests Come to Ohio & More

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The following have been posted today, Feb. 22, at County News Online:

From the Editor

It’s George Washington’s birthday today. Anyone notice? Anyone have a clue when Abraham Lincoln’s birthday was? Frankly, I’m not sure what other presidents are supposed to be honored on President’s Day, but I think we’ve diluted the importance of the days that should be honoring the Father of our Country and the tortured man who saved it some 60 years later. Today’s blog on Pres. Washington’s birthday is worthwhile reading. Also, if you are interested in history, our lead story, Down on the Farm, is a great read.

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Down on the Farm, By Nancy Hampshire Rush, Senior Scribe – Lead Story Wisconsin Battle Could Set Stage for National Debate - News
VFW Auxiliary donates to Quilt of Valor project, By Lyn Bliss - Community
Townhall... George Who? What Happened to Washington’s Birthday? - Blogs
Townhall... Defining Our Fiscal Crisis Correctly is Step One – Blogs

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Dayton Business Journal... Wisconsin protests spill into Ohio

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Townhall... Daniels and Christie Light Fuse Under GOP Lawmakers


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