Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bits & Pieces - Jordan calls from Europe

Bits ‘n Pieces - Jordan calls from Europe

I’ve lived too long.
As a young man, I watched with fascination as news clips were broadcast of the time that newsreels were shown in movie theaters.
“Wow. Talk about ancient,” I thought. By this time I was watching similar newsreels on the six o’clock news.
A few years later, I was typing out press releases on a manual typewriter, using this new-fangled thing called a Xerox copier to send copies all over Texas and the country by snail mail.
I scoffed when a Texas A&M researcher said that some day computers would consist of a television screen attached to a typewriter keyboard. He said we would be able to send written messages around the world by pushing a button.
“Nope. No way,” I said.
Eventually, I got my first Mac and an Apple printer. It was either that or lose my typesetting business to competitors who were keeping up with technology. About the same time, I was watching 24-hour news shows… first CNN, and later Fox.
I’d heard of this Internet thing but I resisted it. Too complicated, too erratic.
Eventually, I was dragged – yelling and screaming – into the 21st century. Remember AOL and dial-up? Had it for years.
But it wasn’t until I was able to access cable, and then DSL, that the world really opened up.
I started getting messages and photos from all over the country. My youngest son sent me video clips recently… first, my granddaughter’s birthday, then my grandson’s trophy-winning karate competition.
They are two thousand miles away and I got to see all the action.
I’ve watched all the new products come out, such as the iPad and Blackberry, with little interest. Not my thing. I’ll stick with my MacBook and cell phone.
Then, an event that blew my mind away…

Jordan Pridemore is on an adventure of her lifetime and I got a video “call” from her on Skype. She’d set it up for me before she left for Europe.
It was surreal.
Susan and I had a wonderful “live” conversation with a young woman on the other side of the ocean. Great Britain, to be exact.
She was still going through jet lag and had much to say about her new surroundings… they were strange and she was homesick. But just for the moment. She said she was going shopping the next day, and then heading to Ireland for a few days.
Adventure awaits her.
She promised to keep us updated… and I’ll keep you updated. Soon, I hope to see another column that I can share with you about her trip. And another live “phone call” from the other side of the world.
Yep. I’ve lived too long. But it’s a fantastic journey and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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