Friday, December 10, 2010

TEA Patriots... An Open Letter

An Open Letter for friends and all Darke T.E.A. Patriots,

   This is an open letter that will be submitted to local newspapers and internet sites for hopefully wide distribution. The purpose of this effort is to clear the air regarding my continued effort with the Darke T.E.A. Patriots and to express my thoughts about our county, state and nation.
   A few days before my birthday, Lyn and I went to Columbus to have a semiannual check on the status of the aneurysm on my thoracic aorta. The prognosis was “insignificant change” that did not merit the risk of an operation. Come back in six months. Then, I celebrated my 77th birthday.
   In the last few weeks, a few of the Patriots and I have attended a meeting in Sidney to evaluate development of a relationship with other Tea  Party/ Liberty Group organizations located in west central Ohio, a meeting in Lebanon to interact with other groups that are working to evaluate School Board performance in Southwestern Ohio and a post election, early Christmas, early one year anniversary party on December 4 at the Bistro in Greenville [all Darke T.E.A. Patriots were invited]. Three guests [i.e. non T.E.A. Patriots] and nineteen T.E.A. Patriots attended.
  During the process of preparing this document, Chris Zuccaro, a valued T.E.A. Patriot called to express his excitement regarding the new Glenn Beck book titled “Broke” and during our telephone conversation, I realized that the work of the Darke T.E.A. Patriots had just begun. Part of my comments to Chris included the conclusion that we needed active participation by a much greater number of folks throughout Darke County if our goal is to restore our Country to a republic of freedom per the Constitution.
  The Constitution of the United States Article I, Section 8 states, in part,
“The Congress shall have the Power - To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.”
   The law known as Obama care (actual name is Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) includes a requirement for all citizens to acquire some for of Health Care or be fined. At last count, thirty five states have filed suite to have this law repealed because it does not comply with the Constitution. Ohio has not joined this effort to date. I think that all of us should encourage the Attorney General to join this effort.  If the federal government can make each person purchase insurance, is the next requirement by the federal government a mandate to purchase car seats for children?? Gosh, that already exists. Well then maybe a limitation on the number of appliances allowed in your house. The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency are already working on this aspect without benefit of Congressional action i.e. a law.
   Action Item 1: Repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act should be the first priority of the 112th Congress.
   If you agree with this position regarding the first action item for our new Congress, please let me know.
   The process of negotiating an agreement between two parties for example buying and selling a car is simply balancing the desires to sell and to buy. If both parties are sincere and their desires balance the true value of the car equals the amount paid. The difference between negotiating for the purchase of an item and a compromise between political parties is extremely important to understand. It is especially important when the unique differences are considered. To start with the money involved is not/was not earned by either party. It has been observed that if one party initially is honest and accurate and the other party is dishonest and inaccurate, then the compromise generates two parties that are disingenuous and are accepting false information.
   The November 2 election results seemed to indicate a voter quest for a smaller government that should demonstrate fiscal restraint. The current compromise as described by the media is almost one trillion dollars of stimulus.
Action Item 2: This comprise is unacceptable. Let the Pelosi democrats clearly bear the responsibility for the tax increase January 1, 2011. We must mandate that the new House of Representatives take immediate action to correct the tax increase without all the added taxes and additional debt.
  If you agree with Action Item 2, please let me know.
  If you are willing to work to help in the process of achieving a better approach to schools, let me know.
As long as the Darke T.E.A. Patriots and the liberty groups are not political parties, constant pressure directed toward elected officials to comply with their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States is our legal process to restore our Republic.

Al Bliss

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