Thursday, December 30, 2010

Darke County Sheriff... Burglary Warning


The Darke County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of burglaries across the Southern half of Darke County . These burglaries began early in December and most have occurred during day time hours. There have also been numerous burglaries reported across Preble County and Wayne County in Indiana . It is unknown at this time if the burglaries are connected.

While Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies continue their patrols looking for these burglars, the Darke County Sheriff’s Office needs your help. Sheriff Toby L. Spencer asks citizens report any suspicious activity immediately to our dispatch center by calling 937-548-2020. Time is of the essence when reporting suspicious activity. When reporting suspicious activity, any information available, such as vehicle or person descriptions, should be reported to the on duty dispatcher.

The Darke County Sheriff makes the following suggestions to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Lock the doors to your vehicle, home and secure outbuildings. Do not leave garage and outbuilding doors standing open unnecessarily. This only advertises your valuables to thieves that may be scouting your neighborhood for their next victim. If you are going to be traveling on vacation or away from your residence for several days, stop your mail and newspaper delivery. Uncollected newspapers and overflowing mail are yet another way that thieves look for unattended homes.

If you have any information on these burglaries, you can contact Detective Baker at 937-548-1193.

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