Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DCEDO... New business locates at Greenville Park

Greenville Industrial Park Gains another New Tenant

Plastics Recycling Start-up Ready to Begin Operations at Underutilized Facility

Greenville- After years of only fleeting and temporary occupancy, the facility known best as “The old Cadillac Gauge building” at long last has a permanent tenant.  And along with the benefits of this long-empty facility finally being occupied, the new tenant joins the ranks of the many companies in Darke County who have hired or will be hiring in 2010 (see last paragraph of story for contact information for potential applicants).

“Green” start-up American Plastics Recycling has recently signed a lease to occupy a portion of the 5963 Jaysville St-John’s Road location in the Greenville Industrial Park and they are ready to begin operations in December.  The company is a reproccessor of industrial and post consumer plastic materials. Plant Manager Mike Phlipot says that this is something that’s simpler than it sounds.

“We take plastic scrap and reprocess it to be used in new products,” Phlipot explained. “Basically, we take waste and make it usable again”.

American Plastics Recycling believes that their concept is a great fit for Darke County’s recent efforts to promote renewable and green industry products and is also a great complimentary piece for the county’s large plastics manufacturing industry, with which American Plastics hopes to quickly establish long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships.  City and county officials agree the idea is a good one for the County.

“American Plastics Recycling is a great addition for the City’s industrial park,” commented Greenville Mayor Mike Bowers. “It’s a victory across the board in that it’s a green start-up with experienced management in an underutilized facility.  We couldn't ask for a better addition to the business community.”

“I’ve been working with this start-up since my first week on the job,” said Economic Development Director Marc Saluk. “They are persistent, aggressive, and they have great ideas with the contacts and know-how to properly execute them.  There’s tremendous upside to this project.”

American Plastics Recycling will take industrial scrap from many types of manufacturing processes and a wide array of industries.  However, one of the most recognizable items they will recycle is the common plastic bag shoppers use to haul out purchases from most grocers and large retailers.  According to the company, most people are surprised to learn that those bags are used by Trex Company - the nation’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing products  - with which American Plastics Recycling already has a contract with to provide materials.  Trex composite materials also can be used to create eco-friendly outdoor furniture such as the public benches that can be seen along S. Broadway in downtown Greenville

Phlipot says that there’s another benefit aside from the green aspect of his industry.

“Much of this business is currently going overseas. Hundreds of millions of pounds of waste gets exported each year and along with it the jobs associated with preparing the materials for reuse in the market place,” he explained. “They’re taking our waste and selling it back to us.  We can help keep both the jobs and the opportunity here in the United States.”

Phlipot said that the business has purchased state-of-the-art equipment that will set American Plastics recycling  up well for future growth.  According to Darke County Solid Waste Director Krista Fourman, the plastics recycling industry as a whole is definitely one of potential growth.

“Only 27 percent of plastics are being recycled currently, on a national level,” Fourman explained.

But aside from the positive aspects of the industry he works in, Phlipot is just glad to be in operation again in Darke County.

“We’re honored to be here. It’s a privilege to do business in a community that has welcomed us with open arms, like this one has,” he explained. “Greenville has faith in us and we have faith in the future of Greenville.  If we can help be a part of the county’s growth, it’ll be the icing on the cake.”

Aside from the city and county, Phlipot stated that many others had gone above and beyond to work towards the company’s success, including Greenville Federal Bank.

Those interested in seeking employment with American Plastics Recycling can do so by bringing their resume to The Darke County Job Center Network to complete an application.   The Job Center is located at 603 Wagner Avenue in Greenville.  Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.  Job Postings can be viewed at

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