Friday, December 17, 2010

DBJ... Good news for Ohio unemployment

From Dayton Business Journal…
Surprising good news for Ohio unemployment
by Don Baker
Friday, December 17, 2010

There is good news on the unemployment front that might surprise most people: Ohio is one of just two states in the country to have its unemployment rate fall each month for the past eight months.
The Ohio Governor's office issued a press release today saying that Ohio and Illinois are the only two states in the nation that have had declining unemployment rates for eight consecutive months, based on preliminary data for November.
Data released Friday showed Ohio's unemployment rate dropped to 9.8 percent, marking the first time since December 2002 that the state's rate was not higher than the national average.
"We weathered the global economic recession by living within our means and through investments and policies to create jobs and support our great middle class," said Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland. "Ohio's economy is positioned for growth because we've built a strong foundation for our future."
Click here to download the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ state comparisons for the past eight months.

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