Sunday, December 5, 2010

Booker's Look, by Alan Booker 12-5-10

Hey all, I am sorry there has been a thorn in my side for a while now that I need to address and it is a serious thing. For 24 years man and boy plus 15 years in other things, I served my country as a police officer and it has always hurt me when after I busted my ass to put a deserving person in jail to see them walk because the Prosecution did not want to actually do thier job, rather they plea it out to something less deserving. Now all I have seen is this talk about sex offenders and such!

Well I would be willing to bet 100 bucks that one or two of those screaming about it ARE just that, Why? Sex offenders are grouped as deviants period, so if you were 18 and had a 17 year old boy or girlfriend and you went all the way your a deviant! You know what I am sick and tired of hearing about this sex offender crap! First of all not all sex offenders are deviants, There are a few out there who because of a years age difference got sent up! Now the real problem is with our correctional system period, the tree huggers of this great nation (the same who stopped cruising Broadway) are more worried about the ACLU then punishing the criminals. All the Czar's in the government wow, there needs to be one more; yeah I said that lol. We need a D.O.C. Czar stop the free cable free education free everything.... they are criminals for Gods sake, punish them not reward them!!!! The Ultimate candidate for Corrections Czar of course Joe Apraio, he has the right idea! There are people out there who actually want to go back for the free education and so on! Our Soldiers get less then our cons do!!!! If you are convicted of a crime do the f***ing time! work it off you want college you want a gym you want cable tv DON'T COMMIT A CRIME!!!!!!!! And for the love of life if you take one we will take yours!!!!! make it policy! I say all this because so much is being givin to the "sex offenders" and not the real problem which is the system period!
I will be back with a regular Look this week !

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