Sunday, December 12, 2010

Booker's Look, by Alan Booker 12-12-10

I have gotten a few emails and comments on this post. Looking down Broadway now (and it looks good) I see a grat change. I remember the few bars that were there, but most of all the other places we had G. C. Murphey's wow the Palace, nice shopping and fun too!
Ed Cornell's and Penny's. Foley's bar.. Before I left the Swabb Brothers had taken it over but I can recall the days of Foley's, a nice bend your elbows and relax bar across from the court house, good food too. Back in our day did not matter too much if you were underage as long as you had a mentor with an over 21 (18) ID you could drink! one of the best places to hang was the Point Cafe, playing pool and listening to the Eagles on the Juke Box. The real hot spot in town anyway was Carl's (now danny's), and everyone was there, or would be. Seemed to be the cetral gathering spot for the next stop, which could have been The Lost "C", The Triangle, Longview and on and on. The Office was a cool little hole as well sitting on the circle, we would send a scout from the car to see who was there as we made the slow trek around, occassionally pulling into the little parking area to chat with friends, back then our idea of chat was face to face.

Keep remembering it helps!


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