Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boehner... Rep Outpost, Open Door

From U.S. Rep. John Boehner…

Beginning January 5th, the House Will be an Outpost in Dem-Controlled Washington for the People's Priorities

Last week Congress was gearing up for one last big spending spree before Christmas, a 1,924 page bill that included $1.1 trillion in spending and nearly 7,000 earmarks, but the American people just wouldn't stand for it.  Letters, e-mails, and phone calls came in from Ohio's 8th District and across the country and the pork-laden bill got scrapped.  

This is an important victory, but it's not enough to just hold the line on spending.  We need to cut spending, and we need to help provide certainty to families and small businesses across America.  Those who believe that government spending spurs our economy and creates prosperity will still make up the majority in Washington, but beginning January 5th you are going to see at least one house in Congress begin to do things differently

Also in this week’s E-Bulletin you’ll find the times and locations for my weekly “Open Door” program, as well as photos from this weekend's reception in West Chester honoring the 2015 class of Service Academy nominees.  Please continue to keep me updated on the issues that concern you.

Ohio Jobless Rate Remains Near 10 Percent in November

Despite Washington Democrats' promises that their "stimulus" would keep unemployment below eight percent and create jobs "immediately," more than 165,000 Ohioans have lost their jobs since February 2009.  Fed up with all the "stimulus" spending sprees, bailouts and government takeovers, families and small businesses are demanding that Washington work together to create an environment that encourages private sector job creation.  Congress has acted to stop all of the tax hikes that were scheduled to go into effect January 1st.  It’s a good first step, but let’s be clear: if we actually want to help our economy get back on track and to begin creating jobs, we need to end the job-killing spending binge, we need to cut spending significantly, and we need to provide more certainty to small businesses around America... Read More

Open Door Program

The "Open Door" program gives Eighth District residents the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a member of my congressional staff to ask questions, discuss problems, and offer opinions about issues related to the federal government.

Staff will be located at the following locations NEXT TUESDAY, December 28, 2010:

9 AM - Versailles Village Offices (177 North Center Street)
10:30 AM - Fort Recovery Village Hall (201 South Main Street)
11:30 AM - Coldwater Municipal Building (610 W. Sycamore Street)
1 PM - Mercer County Council on Aging (217 Riley Street)
2:30 PM - Mercer County Courthouse Auditorium (101 North Main Street)

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