Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Booker's Look, by Alan Booker

Alan Booker
2:36 pm Nov 16

Well it must be Winter my southern (you know whats) are freezing. I felt a need to pound out this one real quick. Well I see the grand knights of the "we will not have fun anymore in our town" have struck again. I was passing through the circle this morning and noticed some different lights there which had replaced the Veterans Day flags, I had to stop and look, could this be, no, there is no way that the gorgeous Christmas trees we have always displayed have been replaced with these lights and wiat let me check my calendar, I was right it is not even Thanksgiving yet!

There are some bad things that have been changed and there are some good ones, but as far as I can see there have been too many good things that have changed for the worse.

We all have fond memories of things from our past and would like to see them continue for good or bad, me personnally I would like to see a tree in the center a big one and as for what's there now.... Cheer!!!!

Keep on remembering it helps!!!

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