Monday, November 29, 2010

Newsmax... Teddy Bears cheer ailing children

Teddy Bear Giveaway Cheers Ailing Children

For more than 20 years, the Theodore Roosevelt Association has been bringing smiles to sick children by delivering teddy bears to those hospitalized for serious medical treatment.
The giveaway has expanded to hundreds of hospitals. And this year, Internet technology analyst Case Hicks became the program’s No. 1 fundraiser.
Hicks was inspired by a chance meeting with one teddy bear recipient in the St. Louis airport a few years ago.
A year earlier, Hicks had participated in a Teddy Roosevelt Association event at a hospital in Denver, appearing in Rough Rider costume to give teddy bears to ailing youngsters.
At the airport, a 4-year-old girl — clutching a teddy bear — tapped him on the knee and said, “Thank you for my teddy bear. He goes with me everywhere.”
Hicks told Newsmax: “I was stunned. I didn’t expect a child to remember me, and I was humbled by it.”
Theodore Roosevelt lent his name to the teddy bear after an incident in November 1902. The president was on a bear hunt in Mississippi, the story goes, when he decided not to shoot a wounded black bear. That inspired a Washington Post cartoon depicting the event, which led to the furry toy Roosevelt allowed to be named “the teddy bear.”
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