Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Booker's Look, by Alan Booker 11-30-10

Ya know it's just no fun writting these when everyone jumps the gun......Well my old Vulcan pal came home this past weekend and put on face book that he was at or near the treaty city airport.... That as I hope you all remember is now an extension of Russ Rd. Man that little airport had a lot of little memories; back way back they had an event called penny a pound day, where you could go up in a plane for a cent for every pound you weigh.

Ahhhhh but then there was winter and Snow and ice and a nice long runway for ------ Mischief. A few of us would hit the parking lots Jamesway, Big N, Marsh and the runway to let our cars and trucks takes us for a spin for a change. The runway was the best, it was packed earth and wide enough so you would not hit anything. HOWEVER, there was a slight problem if you dod get stuck, that being tons of attention drawn to you because of the amount of headlights and well shucks we didn't have cell phones so had to truck back to the nearest pay phone (IGA) and call a friend and make sure they were descrete about it lol ..... Back with more later !!!!

Keep remembering it helps (Keep the sometimers and such at bay)


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