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Booker's Look, by Alan Booker

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Wow I thought it was great getting those emails from everyone, yeah most want to talk about cruising.... well I feel this little page has just been betstowed a great honor it was posted on that's my opinion (Bob Robertson) well then!

I was thinking last night ... early this morning (don't sleep) about Cornfields and backroads, so I turned on some Colt Ford and started writing.

About four years ago me and my buddy Terry decided to road trip up to Greenville and play as much golf as we could in three days. Three days four states and a lot of "OMG I can't believe I hit the only tree on the course" Later we ended up in Greenville. Well the whole premise of coming up was to help my pops move but he didn't need the help so Wahoo .. Golf time!

We met a really nice lady (Easy boys) who told us about a course off of 503, I immediately responded "Maam, there ain't nuthing out there but cornfields" I wus wrong! This area I remember distinctly as an area we took to in order to be away from town and stay out of trouble, so I was sure it thee was nothing out there.. wrong! There on one of my beaten paths was the most beautiful golf course I had seen in a while!

While Broadway was the place to run into friends and challenges (more later) we found ourselves in the country jamming to tunes and pounding back Little Kings.

One nice thing about Ohio is that the roads ared named for destinations pretty much so if your on Coletown Rd you end up there (eventually). We never got lost but there IS a moral to this. Some ventured off the beaten path and ended up on highways and tragedy... too many times.. Well let me clear that tear and move on!

Anyway, when gas got tight ($.89 per gal) we would find a place to get together, Greenville falls was one great spot, a little drive to get there but hell yeah! Some of us would stay a little closer. One plce I liked and really like now was the water treatment plant off 502. Back then the plant was right on the creek and there was the shooting range there too, but at 3 am it did not matter much. Now, since the4 plant moved a little, and the range is gone you can go back there 24/7 and reflect, I by the way have a very nice reflection!

Keep remembering!


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