Monday, January 24, 2011

Send us your photos; An interesting mix of News & Opinion

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The following have been posted today, Jan. 24, at County News Online:

From the Editor

We have an interesting mix of news and opinion today… while Politico is more interested in the new “dating” frenzy of Dems and Reps, Fox is more concerned about what the president is going to say tomorrow night. Hollywood is bringing “Red Dawn” back, only this time we get attacked by China. There is a POWERFUL piece on abortion from Townhall – Why the Shock – don’t read it if you have a weak stomach. And Redstate tells us how Obamacare can be repealed. Locally, we have a new tab. It’s under Community and is a showcase for your photos… snap a pix? Send it to us.

Home Page

Obama Takes Center… Preview for State of the Union – Lead Story
Insider Report… Huckabee, State Budgets & More
Why the Shock, Why the Outrage, Why Now? - Blogs
Fear of a Red Planet – Blogs
The Uniqueness & Beauty of Darke County, Part 2 – Send us your Photos

More Blogs

How to Repeal Obamacare – Redstate
Has Anybody Checked to see if Glenn Beck is Still on the Air? – Redstate

More News

Who’s your date? Pairing off for the State of the Union – Politico
Fickle independents return to Barack Obama - Politico

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