Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green running for Municipal Judge & More

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The following have been posted today at County News Online:

Home Page

Green running for Muncipal Court Judge – Lead Story
Pre-empting New Years Resolution Madness #1 – Teen Scribes
Darke County Parks Needs You – Community
Boehner extends State of the Union invitation to Obama - News


Local businesses partner with DCCA


The Internet is threatened by government regulation
Explaining Evil, by Cal Thomas
Constitution yes, but there’s more


Rasmussen… Voters see Dem agenda in Congress more extreme than GOP
Sojourners Daily Digest

Teen Scribes

Key Club, by Abby Kindley

From the Editor

Jan. 12, 2011 - "Great work! A local on-line news source that I will enjoy reading!" So far no complaints and a number of “kudos” – this has been an interesting experience. A blog is foolproof… html code for a web page is not. I have a little less hair now than when I started, but it’s rewarding to see the results. In today’s posting, in addition to our Home Page stories, we have new Community, Blog and News Listings… check them out. Also, please welcome our young Teen Scribes writers: Poetry by Chiane Marie Tedrow and Dorothy Gilbert; plus articles by Dorothy, Elizabeth Horner and recent submissions by two new Teen Scribes: Kayla Lemar and Abby Kindley.

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